Meet Natalie Nichole

Meet Natalie Nichole

By: Mixed Talk Media | November 16, 2021


Bedroom Pop

A Little Introduction.

I am a singer-songwriter, best-selling author, actress, and all-around entertainer. I have been performing ever since I can remember. At a young age, I was involved in dancing groups, talent shows, TV Shows, commercials, and youth organizations such as NYA and HYPE. While with NYA (Network for Young Artists), I gained experience throughout San Antonio, Texas performing at local rodeos and festivals.

I moved to California for two years after High School and rubbed elbows in the studio with the likes of Smitty Soul (Credits: Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, etc.), Ron Aniello (Credits: EMPIRE, Bruce Springsteen, Shania Twain.), Pusha Rod (Credits: YG, Dreezy.), Rita Wilson. I gained even more experience in songwriting in sessions for artists like Disney Star CoCo Jones.

I became homeless for eleven months while living in California, but that didn’t stop me from working, becoming an extra for more money, and pursuing my dreams. During this same time, I auditioned for Nick Cannon’s #SignMeToNCredible Challenge via Instagram and I WON! Natalie has been a part of Nick Cannon’s Projects “Calling All Models” (The Prequel), “F*** Him” Trilogy, released in early 2018, and a single titled “Simple” with NCredible Ent in 2019.

I have created an Independent label, “Indience Music Group” by the way of United Masters, shortly after working with Nick Cannon. I realized I could cause my buzz, revenue, and own myself 100%.

Through my label, I’ve released iTunes chart-topping singles like “Slide” & “Go Off” along with so many other high streaming records. My discography keeps flourishing. I would like my legacy to be for my storytelling and testimony because I pull from my own life experiences to create and help others in all things I do.

Tell us about your music.

I tell true stories in my music. It’s raw and doesn’t beat around the bush. What you hear is me and my interpretation of my experiences on love, life, heartbreaks, etc.

What message does your work express?

My work expresses authentic/raw experiences in love, make-ups, breakups, and otherwise.

What is the best part about your creative process?

The best part of my creative process is just that I can be fully creative. I step into a zone where there are no limits. I’m completely honest in every song I write and my audience gets to witness that with every finished product

How do you set new standards for your industry?

Stay outside of the box. I don’t shut down my ideas based on “Industry Standards”. I just create and the people that are supposed to listen fly with me.

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My Motto: Give love, be love, and be loved doves. Keep mastering, overcoming boundaries, and NEVER GIVE UP!

Natalie Nichole

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