By: Mixed Talk Media | November 17, 2021

Genre of Music

Hip Hop

A Little Introduction.

I’m Supa Xtra, an artist from Houston, Texas. I recently released my first EP, “Call It Love”, on September 14, 2021. I believe art should inspire us to dream. Although I’m mainly focused on music, I’m an all-around entertainer.

When did you realize you had a passion for music?

I’ve been playing drums and performing since I was nine years old.

Who was the motivation behind starting this journey?

In different chapters of my life, I have different people who inspire me. My dad, for one, and then my producer Chem. My dad always pushed me to go crazy performing. In this chapter of life, Chemdawg pushed me to find a sound that was, one hundred percent, mine.

How would you describe your music?

My music is a mix between hip hop, pop, and R&B. It’s a vibe of new music for a new wave of generations. I believe that people older than me appreciate my sound as well.

What message does your work express?

My latest project, “Call It Love”, is a six-song story of a journey. My music is a vibe created from my emotions. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I wanna chill, and some days I might just want to dance all day. I take my energy and emotion and put them into my music. So my music, in other words, expresses me.

What makes your sound stand out?

One, I’m myself.

No one can make me change or manipulate that. Two, I’m an artist in the Lgbtq+ breaking my way into mainstream music. I have so many dope people from all walks of life supporting me.

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If you can think about it, it’s always a way to make it happen. Just make dreams manifest.

Supa Xtra

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