Event Planning Like a Pro!

Event Planning Like a Pro! w/PosterMyWall

Do you have the desire to produce an event? Stuck in the planning process? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, this webinar will be a great tool to help you plan like a pro.

I am excited to share my Event Planning Pro Masterclass as a guest host for PosterMyWall! Do you have an event concept or cause in mind? Planning an event is a great way to bring your community together! In this video, I talk through 3 steps that will help you create an event blueprint that aligns with your vision and a marketing campaign to bring people on board.

I understand being at the starting line with more questions than answers. I designed The Blueprint to help event planners start their journey equipped with the tools to plan an event like a pro.

You can plan like a PRO! My Event Planning Pro Courses are structured so you can build your event’s blueprint, identify your ideal guests and sponsors, build and create your marketing campaign with confidence!


Module One: Building your event’s blueprint
Module Two: Build a strategic marketing plan and timeline
Module Three: Create a compelling event brand and graphic assets


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