By Mixed Talk Media | November 18, 2021

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(S4) Episode 30- Lessons from Gratitude | Hosted by Shunte Gamble

Gratitude- It is so easy to get caught up in our desire(s) that we can easily miss the gifts we already posses. Aerion and I discuss the benefits of being grateful and practicing gratitude in our daily lives.

Episode Highlights
-What is gratitude for you?
-What was the ‘”lesson” that helped you through?
-What valuable lessons did you learn from gratitude?

“A Help from the Righteous Devotional” by Aerion Hartwell
Available on Amazon

Song “Push Back” by Brutha War

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More About Aerion

Guest: Aerion Bivens
Bio: Aerion Hartwell attended Texas Southern University. He is an entrepreneur leading two businesses, and the founder of Overcoming All Obstacles (OAO) ministry. His life is an example of grace and his successes are a result of keeping God first in everything. He is passionate about teaching others to live on God’s terms instead of letting other people choose their path. He lives in Texas with his beautiful wife.

About Let’s Talk Life XL Podcast

Ever wondered if there was more to life? Yep! THAT feeling. Let’s Talk Life XL Show talks about life as it is; the good, the bad, and the funny. Shunte and her guests share their life’s experiences through personal stories of authenticity, success, failure, and the funny. Shunte is on a mission to cheer on those who wear many hats. 

Along with podcasting, Shunte also owns and operates Mixed Talk Media, Women Empowering Change INC, and The Blueprint by Shunte Gamble. She is dedicated to empowering today’s leaders.

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