Meet Del Muzik

Meet Del Muzik

By: Mixed Talk Media | December 2, 2021

Genre of Music

Hip Hop
R&B Reggae


Originally from the Caribbean, the island of Dominica, Del Muzik has a plethora of sounds and different genres. He began studying and honing his craft of storytelling through music and lyrical expressions to give the best representation of the kind of music he produces. His main goal is to have the audience hooked, able to relate to the music through stories and experience the music for maximum impact.

His performances are always explosive and recognized. Due to his music and sound being so diverse, he released two singles independent of each other. He tackles hip hop in his single Alter Ego and R&B in his single 345. Both debuts have received so much craze and respect.

Be sure to hear of Del Muzik near you as he plans to take over the R&B world with his style, charisma, class, and great music. Keep your ears and eyes open for Del Muzik coming to a playlist near you.

Thinking back, when did you realize you had a passion for music?

I realized I had a passion for music every time I heard music. It would send me somewhere expressive. The beat would cultivate me and have me moving. Ideas would spin, formulating into words and stories, to whatever beat I would vibe to.

What keeps you motivated?

I want to say listening to old school music. Also how the music made sense to a state where I could understand and visualize the stories being told. I could either put myself in that context or just relate some way or another.

How would describe your music?

The music I make is more in the nostalgia direction. I bring my fans and others to a time when music meant more. I tell stories and situations that bring emotions to music so people can relate and understand. I tried to bring back a raw essence to music; whether it is my hip hop or my R&B. I put my heart and soul into the music I produce to deliver the best quality product a sound can have. I am from the Caribbean, so I bring a twist and unique tone to my music that makes me different.

What message does your music express?

My music expresses what human emotions can do when placed into a song.

What is the best part about the creative process?

The best part is hearing a beat or instrumental for the first few times and coming up with content within 10-20 minutes. If I cannot come up with anything, I know that the project is not for me.

How do you set new standards for your industry?

I want to say I refurbished or fine-tuned the music with my creativity and put a new spin on things in the music industry we know of today.

Del Muzik 345
Del Muzik Alter Ego
Del Muzik Unusual

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“If you want to do music, be serious about it and go all-in. Don’t ever give up. Stay consistent with your music. Let no one tell you otherwise. Work hard.”

Del Muzik

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