Meet D. Savannah

Meet D Savannah

By: Mixed Talk Media | December 23, 2021

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I am D. Savannah. The D is short for Daria, which is most mispronounced. I enjoy life, art, and people, especially black people. I think we are the most beautiful people on earth.

Thinking back, when did you realize you had a passion for music?

I realized I had a passion for music when I sang at churches at six years old with my mother. I used to cry ridiculously, like an ugly cry. However, I noticed that people loved my singing. It moved them. I decided then that I wanted to sing and do more music.

Who motivated you to start your music career?

My mother was my initial motivation. After her, it was Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Whitney Houston. I grew up practicing their styles to perfect my own.

What’s your recipe for creating music?

My music is healing, refreshing, fun, southern, and just good. I am a storyteller. I gather my stories or inspiration from others’ stories and create that way. Raw human experiences coupled with beautiful and dope music is my recipe.

What does your music express?

Raw human experiences and emotions. I am not in the business of hardening my heart. If I cannot express authenticity verbally, then I’ll do so lyrically and musically.

What is the best part about the creative process?

I cannot create in chaos. The best part about my process is the peace in my environment.

What makes your sound stand out?

The soul, the rawness, and the spirit of who I am are unique compared to what’s out currently.

Roll With It
Dirty Lover

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“Stay in your lane, whatever that is. Don’t try to be or sound like anything that is not you. Right now, the industry desperately needs originality and substance.”

D. Savannah

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