By Mixed Talk Media | Aired January 8, 2022

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(S5) Episode 2-The Bigger Picture | Hosted by Shunte Gamble

In this episode my Czarina and I talk about the Bigger Picture. We talk about what it takes to get and staying motivated. Czarina also shares about her Mixed Talk Radio Show the Peace & Czarinaty Show.

Episode Highlights
-How do you feel about making a new year resolution?
-What does it take to reach a goal?
-How to stay motivated during the process of reaching your goals.
-How to enjoy both the process and journey toward goals.

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More About Czarina Lynell

Guest: Czarina Lynell
Bio: Czarina Lynell is a Breast Cancer Survivor and Thriver who has decided to use her life experiences and challenges for purpose.

As a breast cancer survivor and an overcomer of Mental Illness, Czarina Lynell has decided to create her own lane as a Virtual Peace Influencer, spreading PEACE and POSITIVITY across several different platforms, including her debut memoir titled, Finding Czarinaty, and a podcast, Peace And Czarinaty.

Czarina Lynell wants those who are silently suffering from what she has deemed the SAAD Woman Syndrome (Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression) to know they are not alone. She endeavors to inspire and encourage all generations to embrace, obtain, and maintain PEACE.

Check out the book, Finding Czarinaty: The Journey to Peace Through Cancer and Chaos by clicking here:

About Let’s Talk Life XL Podcast

Ever wondered if there was more to life? Yep! THAT feeling. Let’s Talk Life XL Show talks about life as it is; the good, the bad, and the funny. Shunte and her guests share their life’s experiences through personal stories of authenticity, success, failure, and the funny. Shunte is on a mission to cheer on those who wear many hats. 

Along with podcasting, Shunte also owns and operates Mixed Talk Media, Women Empowering Change INC, and The Blueprint by Shunte Gamble. She is dedicated to empowering today’s leaders.

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