Meet Tonni Love

Meet Tonni Love

By: Mixed Talk Media | March 24, 2022

Genre of Music

My favorite genres of music for my overall vibe would have to be R&B and Gospel. I love them both. I grew up listening to old school gospel and R&B. That is what made me fall easily in love with music.


My name is Tonniece, but I go by the name Tonni Love. I was born and raised in Joliet, IL. Music has always been my first love since I was five years old. My sisters and I used to perform in front of our family. At the time, we were just kids having fun. I was the only one who got serious about singing. I love being around positive energy and people that motivate me to be the best version of myself. I want people to know that I am just like them. I want to help people feel good about themselves and encourage them to go further in life.

What sparked your passion for music?

I realized I had a passion for music when I sang Luther Vandross’s “Take You Out”. I was sitting outside on the porch with my mom, and I started singing the song. My mom was shocked to hear me sing like that; she was not the only one feeling that way. After that moment, I knew it had something special.

Who motivated you to start your music career?

My close friends and family were the motivation behind starting this journey. I had to get over my fears right in front of them. They made me very strong-minded about how I should always stand out.

How would you describe your music?

My music is very inspirational. I tell stories in my music that many people can relate to it. People don’t understand that everybody goes through something similar in their lives; that is okay. Overcoming each situation is what matters.

How does your sound stand out?

It’s all about my personality. I stand up for what I believe. I also stand true to myself, especially when it comes to music. I have to connect with music, so each sound you hear from me is going to be different. You’ll never hear the same sound from me.

How do you set new standards for yourself?

  • Surrounding myself with good genuine people.
  • Learning how to say No to things that don’t elevate me or the people around me.

What advice would you give to your future self?

Hang in there because you’re almost at the finish line. Don’t worry too much. God got you.


“No matter how hard it gets, don’t stop because I almost did. I Thank God every single day that I didn’t. Keep going.”

Tonni Love

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