2022 CFC Recipient Kellie Thomas

By: Mixed Talk Media

Meet Kellie Thomas

Company: Camps by KT
Website: campsbykt.com

You’ve got to experience it to believe it! Camps by KT is an engaging day camp program designed for children to learn in a fun and inspirational way since 2007! We have curated a well-rounded program that allows youth to grow, bond, and go through self-discovery journey. At Camps by KT, we are all about having fun, new experiences, community, laughter, and educational fun. We provide the ultimate experience for children as they enjoy the great Camps by KT.

Camps by KT offers Empowerment, Public Speaking, Arts, Science, Engineering, Culinary, Physical Activity, and of course FUN! Each entity of Camps by KT has been curated by professionals in each field. We have tremendous support from our very own speech therapist (Angela Pope), engineer (Darrelyn Smith), culinarian (Chef Bland), science educator (Sherry Collings), and primary educator (Shardia Barber). They cultivate fun and educational learning. Our support inspires little minds to do BIG things with unique experiences, positive influence, and motivation!

Camps by KT exist to equip the youth with the tools to lead empowered lives and live to their true potential through youth day camps and teen leadership programs.

We are on a mission to empower youth to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally to achieve their version of success. To equip learners with diverse skills that empower them to navigate life’s unchartered territories and thrive.

How do you overcome challenges in business?
Prepare for the long haul, the rise and fall, and let neither define your sense of self. That is what I always remind myself of whenever struggle presents itself. There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others. That is how I’ve overcome challenges. I have been fortunate to have a community of families, friends, and staff that greatly support Camps by KT; especially my Illuminating Fireflies, and Poised Pineapples families!

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