2022 CFC Recipient Tiesha Monroe

By: Mixed Talk Media

Meet Tiesha Monroe

Company: TMonroeSpeaks, Inc
Website: tmonroespeaks.com

I create and deliver trainings covering various leadership development topics to help organizations grow. Public speaking and people improvement are my passions.

TMonroeSpeaks, Inc. focuses on researching, creating, and delivering leadership development training material. I help clients diagnose any leadership issues that are negatively impacting their bottom line. I create trainings to solve those gaps in knowledge. Our goal is to create transformational leaders.

Our vision is to increase productivity and connectivity by creating better people through education. We create better leaders.

Our mission is to create long-lasting and effective training courses. We leverage technology to increase education, engagement, and equity.

How do you overcome challenges in business?
I seek advice from other leaders in the industry. I push through difficult challenges by staying flexible and connected to my purpose.

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