Mixed Talk Magazine Volume 3 | 2022

Mixed Talk Magazine Volume 3 | 2022

Volume 3 is fresh from the Mixed Talk Media oven! We are honored to feature this year’s Catalyst 4 Change Award recipients, hot talent, and a message for the soul.

Who’s Inside

Congratulations to Keisha Robinson
Winner of the 2022 Mixed Talk Magazine Cover
See Feature

2022 Magazine Featured CFC Leadership Award Recipients
[07] Cover Winner Keisha Robinson
[14] 5K Grant Winner Tierashia Adair

[16] Celeste Henry-Gordon
[17] Ambirr Momon
[18] Kieasha Hill
[19] Kim Mason
[20] Collette Conner
[21] Quintonna Mason
[22] Sabrena Cross

In the Digital Magazine
Andrea Wilson
Desarae Ania
Janice Workcuff
Kellie Thomas
Tonya M.Ed. Kelly
Lisa Stewart
Stephanie Lynn
Alexis Harrold




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