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By: Mixed Talk Media | December 8, 2021

Simply Fancy Boutique hosts its Grand Opening this Saturday, December 11th, at 8700 Commerce Park, Suite 134 in Houston, Tx. Doors open at 11 am.

You are invited to sip tasty selections and shop their latest fashion collections. This event is free and perfect for the woman who’s looking to shop!

Stop by Saturday, December 11th, at 11am.

Event: Grand Opening

Date: Saturday, December 11th
Time: 11am-4pm
Location: 8700 Commerce Park, Suite 134, Houston, Tx 77036

About the Brand

 Simply Fancy is a women’s apparel boutique that features elegant and classy fashion design. We offer stand out prices that will simply compliment your pockets and your style. Our sizes ranges from small to 3x. Simply Fancy Boutique want to bring confidence and happiness to every woman who shop with us.

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Meet Del Muzik

Meet Del Muzik

By: Mixed Talk Media | December 2, 2021

Genre of Music

Hip Hop
R&B Reggae


Originally from the Caribbean, the island of Dominica, Del Muzik has a plethora of sounds and different genres. He began studying and honing his craft of storytelling through music and lyrical expressions to give the best representation of the kind of music he produces. His main goal is to have the audience hooked, able to relate to the music through stories and experience the music for maximum impact.

His performances are always explosive and recognized. Due to his music and sound being so diverse, he released two singles independent of each other. He tackles hip hop in his single Alter Ego and R&B in his single 345. Both debuts have received so much craze and respect.

Be sure to hear of Del Muzik near you as he plans to take over the R&B world with his style, charisma, class, and great music. Keep your ears and eyes open for Del Muzik coming to a playlist near you.

Thinking back, when did you realize you had a passion for music?

I realized I had a passion for music every time I heard music. It would send me somewhere expressive. The beat would cultivate me and have me moving. Ideas would spin, formulating into words and stories, to whatever beat I would vibe to.

What keeps you motivated?

I want to say listening to old school music. Also how the music made sense to a state where I could understand and visualize the stories being told. I could either put myself in that context or just relate some way or another.

How would describe your music?

The music I make is more in the nostalgia direction. I bring my fans and others to a time when music meant more. I tell stories and situations that bring emotions to music so people can relate and understand. I tried to bring back a raw essence to music; whether it is my hip hop or my R&B. I put my heart and soul into the music I produce to deliver the best quality product a sound can have. I am from the Caribbean, so I bring a twist and unique tone to my music that makes me different.

What message does your music express?

My music expresses what human emotions can do when placed into a song.

What is the best part about the creative process?

The best part is hearing a beat or instrumental for the first few times and coming up with content within 10-20 minutes. If I cannot come up with anything, I know that the project is not for me.

How do you set new standards for your industry?

I want to say I refurbished or fine-tuned the music with my creativity and put a new spin on things in the music industry we know of today.

Del Muzik 345
Del Muzik Alter Ego
Del Muzik Unusual

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“If you want to do music, be serious about it and go all-in. Don’t ever give up. Stay consistent with your music. Let no one tell you otherwise. Work hard.”

Del Muzik

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Ebony’s Beauty Hair & Skin Care

By: Mixed Talk Media | November 30, 2021

>> The Brand <<

Our brand is designed for black and brown skin tones. Ebony’s Beauty Hair and Skin Care products are formulated with natural ingredients That are sure to give your hair and skin the love it needs.

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Meet Sabrena Cross

Meet Sabrena Cross

By: Mixed Talk Media | November 30, 2021

Tell us about you.

As a savvy, multifaceted, well-rounded entrepreneur, with a readiness to assist you in living your best life Sabrena established Sabrena Cross Consulting which serves as the brand’s umbrella to her Professional Makeup Artistry business, Certified Lifestyle Coach business, Visual Fashion Stylist business, and Mentorship. Sabrena’s 25 plus years of experience, education, and wealth of knowledge were in part gained from her study of Psychology, multiple certifications, and her tenure at MAC Cosmetics, where she served as a Master Makeup Artist and manager. She also owned and managed her personal beauty salon. Sabrena is prominent in the beauty and fashion industry, along with her other business ventures. Not limited to such, she also applies her expertise to relationship cultivation and life advancement.

In an ever-evolving beauty and fashion industry, Sabrena serves as a Professional Makeup Artist and Stylist with a strong passion for enhancing beauty, creating fashion, and applying the artistry of cosmetics. Possessing a desire to make a total-person impact, Sabrena also serves as an Imagine Consultant and Beauty coach who executes a unisex approach of encouragement and coaching. As a companion to her empowering abilities, Sabrena is a Certified Lifestyle Strategist, Self-Discovery Life Coach, and Inspirational Speaker with a strong belief that life begins with self-love and authenticity. Transformation is encouraged by Sabrena in comparison to a caterpillar morphing into a colorful butterfly.

On the platform of stage productions, photography studios, television series, and social affairs, you will find the finished work of Sabrena’s makeup and fashion creations. Her work has been seen and featured on Bravo TV Network, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Ms. USA Pageant, many commercials, local networks, countless national platforms, magazines and so much more. Over the life of her career, Sabrena has had the opportunity to build a clientele base that includes, but is not limited to, brides, wedding parties, YouTube/social media influencers, Ms. Texas, male and female models, stage production cast members, musicians, actresses/actors, reality show stars, film, fashion shows, and celebrities. Sabrena has also been gifted the opportunity to through her Coaching practice a range to assist individuals in discovering their purpose and how to live their dreams through strategic vision building and self-awareness.

Having an extremely compassionate, selfless, and crafty mother, as well as a talented father who was an entrepreneurial craftsman, carpenter, and cowboy, there was no way Sabrena was going to escape her destiny of being a Creative.

Continuing in what she loves, Sabrena is the CEO of Sabrena Cross Consulting, Owner and CEO of ReTailored Love by Sabrena Boutique, Founder and owner of Butterfly Kiss by Sabrena Cosmetics, Founder of Butterfly Effect Foundation, Founder of Goal Digger Academy, and Founder of The Spotlight Project.

When did you start your business? 

I started my career and business journey over 25 years ago as a licensed Cosmetologist doing hair and eventually evolved into makeup. 2021 marked 20 years as a self-taught Professional Makeup Artist and a little over 10 years serving as a Life Coach and Fashion Stylist.

What motivated you to start your entrepreneurial journey?

So many individuals have struggles we are unaware of, self-esteem issues that are layered under superficial things, destructive tendencies, lack of positive body positivity, traumas that are buried, or limited awareness of how to enhance one’s beauty or how to properly do so. We believe that everyone deserves to look their finest, regardless of their shape, size, color, or creed. Your wardrobe should inspire you, bring life and inspiration to your daily lifestyle. So, being able to assist in peeling back some of those layers and helping find the lost confidence, hope, or just simply looking in the mirror and feeling good about oneself is the motivation behind starting the company.

We need the details. Tell us more about your brand.

Sabrena Cross Consulting is the umbrella or Sabrena Cross Beauty (makeup), ReTailored Love by Sabrena (boutique), Bling with Sabrena (jewelry), Goal Digger Academy (coaching and mentoring), and personal shopping. We are one brand with multiple experiences. Our business embodies all things image and beauty. As a collective, we are a brand beyond beauty, centered and focused on body positivity, self-love, and self-care. Our company has been blessed to take on some really big projects and business deals. We change lives one makeover at a time. Just call us the self-esteem booster! Have you had your dose yet?

How does your brand stand out?

This brand/business stands out and is set apart because we are truly a “One Stop Shop…The Beautique”! Establishing a great relationship and connection with each client/customer is of great importance to us. It allows us to cater to the uniqueness of every client/customer. We pride ourselves on having the ability to make every customer/client feel like our number one priority because they are. Our goal is to always deliver first-class service! 

How do you set new standards for your industry?

SC sets new standards by making an internal difference as well as an external one. So, we’re not in the business of masking flaws, we wish to help heal trauma, help embrace flaws, help see new possibilities, help explore your uniqueness, heighten confidence, give hope and so much more. For those who may not face certain struggles, we thrive off the push they provide us. When it comes to clothing, we strongly believe just because they sell it in your size, doesn’t mean it’s for you. We encourage our customers to focus on items that fit properly for their body type. Ultimately, we are more than just services; we offer an EXPERIENCE.

How can we support you?

-Makeup: The Beauty Look
-Styling: The push to step outside of your comfort zone
-Clothing: Our pieces are known for their uniqueness
-Coaching: Our Goal Digger Academy
-Cosmetics: Our Velvet Lippies (they are amazing)

What do you love the most about working with your clients/customers?

The absolute best part about working with our clients is the energy, joy, and positive vibrations that each client/customer exudes from our services or products. We love tapping into individuality and pushing the boundaries of one’s comfort zone!

Aside from products or provided services, what intangible things do you hope your clients gain?

-Recognizes one’s true beauty
-Body positivity
-Self Esteem boost

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“Confidence is a superpower, once you start believing in yourself and your brand, the magic starts to happen. Always remain true to yourself, your vision, your assignment, and the success will follow.”

Sabrena Cross

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Mixed Talk Magazine Volume 2 | 2021

Mixed Talk Magazine Volume 2 | 2021

Volume 2 is fresh from the Mixed Talk Media oven! This year was a year of firsts. We are honored to feature 13 amazing entrepreneurs, 12 are our 2021 Catalyst 4 Change Award recipients, our growth this year, and a message for the soul.

Who’s Inside

Congratulations to Alexis Harrold
Winner of the 2021 Mixed Talk Magazine Cover

See Feature

[ 8 ] Feature Story | MUA Sabrena Cross

CFC Leadership Awards
[ 16 ] LaVonia Tryon
[ 18 ] Sonjia Pelton-Sam
[ 19 ] Tamie Ross
[ 20 ] Great Douglas
[ 21 ] Tiara Matthews
[ 32 ] Feature Story | Alexis Harrold

CFC Radio Awards
[ 22 ] Czarina Lynell
[ 23 ] Arthur Milton-Porter III
[ 24 ] Therese W Gamble
[ 25 ] Faye Carter
[ 26 ] Teia Acker-Moore
[ 28 ] Feature Story | Andrena Phillip



We are accepting entrepreneurs for our 2022 WEC $5,000 Pitch IT! Grant.
-All entrants will be automictically entered into the MTM Cover Contest complete with a photoshoot (Houston, Texas location).
-All entrants will receive a 2022 Catalyst 4 Change Award
-All Entrants will be able to Pitch their brand for the opportunity to walk away with a $5,000 Grant.




By Mixed Talk Media | November 18, 2021

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(S4) Episode 30- Lessons from Gratitude | Hosted by Shunte Gamble

Gratitude- It is so easy to get caught up in our desire(s) that we can easily miss the gifts we already posses. Aerion and I discuss the benefits of being grateful and practicing gratitude in our daily lives.

Episode Highlights
-What is gratitude for you?
-What was the ‘”lesson” that helped you through?
-What valuable lessons did you learn from gratitude?

“A Help from the Righteous Devotional” by Aerion Hartwell
Available on Amazon

Song “Push Back” by Brutha War

Did you enjoy this episode?

More About Aerion

Guest: Aerion Bivens
Bio: Aerion Hartwell attended Texas Southern University. He is an entrepreneur leading two businesses, and the founder of Overcoming All Obstacles (OAO) ministry. His life is an example of grace and his successes are a result of keeping God first in everything. He is passionate about teaching others to live on God’s terms instead of letting other people choose their path. He lives in Texas with his beautiful wife.

About Let’s Talk Life XL Podcast

Ever wondered if there was more to life? Yep! THAT feeling. Let’s Talk Life XL Show talks about life as it is; the good, the bad, and the funny. Shunte and her guests share their life’s experiences through personal stories of authenticity, success, failure, and the funny. Shunte is on a mission to cheer on those who wear many hats. 

Along with podcasting, Shunte also owns and operates Mixed Talk Media, Women Empowering Change INC, and The Blueprint by Shunte Gamble. She is dedicated to empowering today’s leaders.

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LISTEN– Live Every Saturday at 1pm CST

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RESOURCES– Need help with your podcast? Download Shunte’s podcast checklist or her eCourse.

Meet Sisco James

Meet Sisco James

By: Mixed Talk Media | November 27, 2021

Genre of Music

Country Rap Tunes

A Little Introduction.

I was born and raised in Houston. I played sports before school and at I was born and raised in Houston. I played sports before school and at school yet I always had music with me. Being business-minded, I learned from courses about the music business. I dropped a mixtape on YouTube. Then in October, I released my first album and coordinated my album release party.

When did you realize you had a passion for music?

When I caught myself singing in my head as a kid. The rhythm of the beat carried me thru the day.

Who is your source of motivation?

“Certiflie Ent.” (a group). Time after time, Jay YNG influenced me to hop in the freestyle with the group.

What message does your work express?

Motivational, passion, positivity, southern flava, and cool.

What is the best part about the creative process?

Whether by myself or on a collab, I love to jam out loud, get in the zone, and feel how I feel about the beat.

How do you set new standards for your industry?

First and foremost, I’m with B.A.M.B.A.M. Production. I’m Sisco James the artist but I am also working to trademark my brand to make it official and produce merch.

What advice would you give to your future self?

If you gotta look back, remember God gotcha. It’s all falling into place.

“What We Do it for” – Sisco James ft. Jay YNG & KaotikdeFirstWard “Something Different”- Sisco James ft. Lakeita Valon, Prep Dolla, & E.Blue “20 Redbulls” Sisco James ft. Styles & CeddyB

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“Keep in the positive, let go of the opposite.
Let it all work out.”

Sisco James

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Event Planning Like a Pro!

Event Planning Like a Pro! w/PosterMyWall

Do you have the desire to produce an event? Stuck in the planning process? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, this webinar will be a great tool to help you plan like a pro.

I am excited to share my Event Planning Pro Masterclass as a guest host for PosterMyWall! Do you have an event concept or cause in mind? Planning an event is a great way to bring your community together! In this video, I talk through 3 steps that will help you create an event blueprint that aligns with your vision and a marketing campaign to bring people on board.

I understand being at the starting line with more questions than answers. I designed The Blueprint to help event planners start their journey equipped with the tools to plan an event like a pro.

You can plan like a PRO! My Event Planning Pro Courses are structured so you can build your event’s blueprint, identify your ideal guests and sponsors, build and create your marketing campaign with confidence!


Module One: Building your event’s blueprint
Module Two: Build a strategic marketing plan and timeline
Module Three: Create a compelling event brand and graphic assets




By: Mixed Talk Media | November 18, 2021

Genre of Music

Hip Hop

A Little Introduction.

Jai Humble is the charming homegirl from next door. Originally from San Diego, California, Humble is making her swag known on the r&b scene. She is a laid-back songstress with a story to tell. Her family’s military background gave her the discipline and structure needed to become a star athlete. The basketball celebutante was struck with tragedy right before her senior year in high school. Losing her 15-year-old brother Ziggy brought Jai Humble so low that she had no choice but to rise like a phoenix.

She went on to be recognized for her basketball talents on a regional level which led to her college career at Mississippi College. However, Jai Humble felt hungry for something more. As a youth, she was the lead for her church choir and never lost her voice. Jai Humble gained the attention of local entertainment figures. This inspired her to move to Dallas, Texas; she never looked back.

When did you realize you had a passion for music?

My passion for music came from growing up in church.

What is your source of motivation?

Life lessons and the determination of wanting more in life.

How would you describe your music?
My music comes from a passionate place. It’s relatable and will have you dancing in your seat.

What message does your work express?
Believing in yourself and walking in your purpose.

What is the best part about the creative process?

Seeing how the creative process starts. As the process flows, you end up with a beautiful outcome.

Whiskey On Ice
Loving Me Up

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Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Create your own lane and enjoy the process.


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By: Mixed Talk Media | November 17, 2021

Genre of Music

Hip Hop

A Little Introduction.

I’m Supa Xtra, an artist from Houston, Texas. I recently released my first EP, “Call It Love”, on September 14, 2021. I believe art should inspire us to dream. Although I’m mainly focused on music, I’m an all-around entertainer.

When did you realize you had a passion for music?

I’ve been playing drums and performing since I was nine years old.

Who was the motivation behind starting this journey?

In different chapters of my life, I have different people who inspire me. My dad, for one, and then my producer Chem. My dad always pushed me to go crazy performing. In this chapter of life, Chemdawg pushed me to find a sound that was, one hundred percent, mine.

How would you describe your music?

My music is a mix between hip hop, pop, and R&B. It’s a vibe of new music for a new wave of generations. I believe that people older than me appreciate my sound as well.

What message does your work express?

My latest project, “Call It Love”, is a six-song story of a journey. My music is a vibe created from my emotions. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I wanna chill, and some days I might just want to dance all day. I take my energy and emotion and put them into my music. So my music, in other words, expresses me.

What makes your sound stand out?

One, I’m myself.

No one can make me change or manipulate that. Two, I’m an artist in the Lgbtq+ breaking my way into mainstream music. I have so many dope people from all walks of life supporting me.

Tik Tok

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If you can think about it, it’s always a way to make it happen. Just make dreams manifest.

Supa Xtra

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