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2022 CFC Recipient Andrea Wilson

By: Mixed Talk Media

Meet Andrea Wilson

Company: Forever Yours Creations LLC

My company has been in business for ten years. It started based on cupcakes and gift baskets while on maternity leave with my second child. I am a self-taught baker and everything that I offered, thus far, was learned through trial and error. FYC offers custom cakes, various desserts, custom gifts, custom cake décor (On Etsy), and even custom wood décor for your home or any special occasion. My business has taken off tremendously within the past year and is still increasing now that I am fully committed to it.

My company vision is to grow and improve my business in a sustainable way.

Forever Yours Creations is committed to providing excellent customer service and quality products to our customers.

How do you overcome challenges in business?
I overcome challenges first and foremost through prayer. Without our God, I wouldn’t have my business. I solely lean on him as I’ve embarked on this journey of being a full-time entrepreneur.

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