Meet Jones

Meet Jones

By: Mixed Talk Media | January 24, 2022

Genre of Music


Tell us about you.

I am an entertainer, music artist, and actor who specializes in creating moments for life. I like to have something for every occasion.

When did you realize you had a passion for music?

Definitely during childhood. As an only child, music was what kept me company when I would leave my cousins’ houses. It was always something that kept me happy and I never felt alone.

Who/What was the motivation behind starting your music journey?

My music is a reflection of life. Pure passion, pain, and pleasure. I write based on what I’m feeling, have felt, or someone else is feeling. I love to speak on what my reality is because I want to be as relatable as possible.

What is the best part about the creative process?

The best part about the process is seeing things that you have imagined come to fruition. Taking an idea out of your head and seeing it come to life is so fulfilling!

What message does your work express?

I sincerely hope it presents authenticity. I like for people that I have met to listen to my music and realize that there was no change in personality. It’ll never be a case of, you met a perfect gentleman and then you turn on my music and I’m bashing women, etc. I’m the same on and off the record.

What makes your sound stand out?

The fact that you feel that I’m talking directly to you in my music. I want you to feel that you know me better after you listen to me.

How do you set new standards for your industry?

Authenticity! I don’t want to create an image that I have to take off. I want to be me at all times. I could have just performed after winning a Grammy for best new artist and then you catch me at Walmart. I’m the same person.

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“Stay true to what you promised yourself! The road less traveled is always going to be harder to traverse, but the view at the end is more spectacular than anything you can imagine.”



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