By: Mixed Talk Media | November 18, 2021

Genre of Music

Hip Hop

A Little Introduction.

Jai Humble is the charming homegirl from next door. Originally from San Diego, California, Humble is making her swag known on the r&b scene. She is a laid-back songstress with a story to tell. Her family’s military background gave her the discipline and structure needed to become a star athlete. The basketball celebutante was struck with tragedy right before her senior year in high school. Losing her 15-year-old brother Ziggy brought Jai Humble so low that she had no choice but to rise like a phoenix.

She went on to be recognized for her basketball talents on a regional level which led to her college career at Mississippi College. However, Jai Humble felt hungry for something more. As a youth, she was the lead for her church choir and never lost her voice. Jai Humble gained the attention of local entertainment figures. This inspired her to move to Dallas, Texas; she never looked back.

When did you realize you had a passion for music?

My passion for music came from growing up in church.

What is your source of motivation?

Life lessons and the determination of wanting more in life.

How would you describe your music?
My music comes from a passionate place. It’s relatable and will have you dancing in your seat.

What message does your work express?
Believing in yourself and walking in your purpose.

What is the best part about the creative process?

Seeing how the creative process starts. As the process flows, you end up with a beautiful outcome.

Whiskey On Ice
Loving Me Up

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Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Create your own lane and enjoy the process.


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